Architecture – Unplugged

Whilst our work is carried out efficiently using Computer Aided Design (CAD) techniques, which saves time when making alterations, there are many people who find CAD drawings very sterile. CAD is certainly useful to display the accuracy to Building Contractors on site, however the early stages in the architectural design process are often appreciated through hand drawn sketches and hand drawn architectural plans. We have seen clients frame their hand drawn architectural plans as a piece of artwork and hang them on their walls! This is because no two architectural plans drawn by hand can ever be the same! Why, you ask? It is because every line – every piece of shading – has been passionately drawn by an individual whose creativity has not been restricted by the click of a mouse or the limitations of computer software. Therefore the drawing is truly a one off – a limited edition – a treasure to behold.

Hand Crafting

If you value the warmth and charm of a hand crafted individual drawing for your bespoke building, which can be your piece of artwork for the future, then we offer an Architecture Unplugged route for the feasibility and design stages.

Personal Art

Final mechanical working drawings for the builder may also be carried out by hand; however we would normally prepare these detailed drawings by modern CAD techniques so that they can be imported to other consultant drawings under the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) requirements.
“Architecture Unplugged” – no wires – no computers – just pencil, paper and passion is available as a premium service at additional cost to our CAD techniques.

We would be pleased to provide an individual quote for Architecture Unplugged upon request